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March, 2003

I picked up your magazine/catalog at "Borders" a week or so ago, and I must tell you that it was THE BEST magazine I have EVER read. I LOVE IT!

I would like to acquire the premier issue as well if it is available. I would also LOVE to subscribe to any/all future issues of the magazine, or other newsletters that are produced by you. FINALLY — someone with common sense, talking about common life for those of us smart enough to appreciate it.

Nancy Lucas
Clear Spring, Maryland

You rock.

Thanks for an awesome magazine. It's been in my bag each day this week for reading on the bus to and from work. (It's actually displaced my normal knitting ritual on the bus!) I normally go through magazines much quicker, but yours is so good and so beautifully ad-free and full of information, that I'm compelled to read every word. I can't wait to taste some of your food. My boyfriend and I are avid campers and are looking forward to sampling a few things before ordering a bunch for our summer trips. Our order will arrive soon.

I would love for my neighborhood co-op to carry your magazine and will bring my copy to them to help out with your Front Porch campaign. Have you made contact with Seward Co-op in Minneapolis? I'll assume not, since I haven't seen it on the racks, and will bring mine in this weekend. I'll email Pam, as you suggested.

In the meantime, thank you so much for the good information and interesting food options. I'm very excited for my new relationship with MaryJanesFarm.

Catherine Gale
Minneapolis, MN

Hi MaryJane,

I am a brand new customer. I stumbled upon your website a little over a week ago while I was doing some research on natural food stores. I was trying to find out if natural food meant it had to be organic and in my searches found MaryJanes Farm. I was so impressed and intrigued (I am not a vegeterian nor do I live an organic lifestyle) I had to order some of your food. Well I just got my order yesterday and so far I have tried the spicy black beans and the organic garlic pesto fry bread. I LOVE BOTH!!! Oh, wait and I tried the peanut, pumpkin seed and almond bars...embarrassed to say...I ate all the first night. They were sooooo good!!! Next time I will have more control. :) The spicy black beans were so good, I brought them to work today and couldn't wait to have them for lunch...yum!!!

The reason I am writing is first to say THANK YOU!! I am truly enjoying reading your magazine/catalog and though I don't profess to start living a completely organic lifestyle you have definitely inspired me and I plan to continue educating myself.

Secondly, I did have a question. I am little confused about the portion sizes. In particular I ordered the Organic garlic Pesto Fry Bread marked as 2 standard servings (makes 16 - 2" round breads) and it says on the nutrition facts that one serving is 8 breads and there are 2 servings. Giving us the 16. But when I made it I was only able to make 8 small breads. Am I doing something wrong, or is it that i simply made my dollops in the frying pan too big. As I actually put this in writing I am thinking that my portions were just too big. I tried to make them look like the other breads (buns) you show in the magazine in relation to size, but maybe I should break out my ruler next time to check my size estimates. The only reason I even bother is because I was trying to count my calories. And because I was able to make 8 perfect breads I thought maybe the bag I received was actually only a 1 serving with the 2 serving label. Probably not, eh??? :) Well either way I ate a whole lot of them. Again I couldn't help myself they are so good. I may have to have one before bed.. :)

Well, thanks again for all you do. I look forward to getting to know more about MaryJanes Farm and trying more of your food products.

Thank you,

Just wanted to say thanks for your delicious and wholesome meals. My wife was skeptical of your products for two reasons: (a) how can anything instant be compared to cooked meals, and (b) mailed anythings cost more than going down to the local market. Well, we got over the first obstacle. We ate the red pesto pasta last night, and she finished half of it herself. My two boys and I ate the rest and the mac-cheese dish. Both dishes were ono (oh-no, means delicious in Hawaiian) to da max (sorry for the pidgin english). The use of herbs and spices are well done. In fact, my oldest boy did not want to eat the pesto dish due to his unfamiliarity with the word "pesto" and what it would taste like. When he opened the package and smelled the aroma, he quickly changed his mind and said, "I want that one!"

While we could have made both entrees from scratch, the advantages of your products are the healthy quality of the food and the tremendous convenience. My sons (at ages 10 and 6) made the meals in ten minutes. They had some supervision from me to prevent burns from the boiling water, but when you can make a meal with a kettle, a measuring cup and a clothes pin, it is pretty phenomenal. The timing was really appreciated. My wife had to drive to the Windward side of the island to pick up our van in repair, and made it home with only a few minutes before we were heading out to our mini-church session. Of course, the boys and I had already eaten dinner. My wife grabbed a salad and the pesto dish, and we were off.

I guess this brings us to obstacle number two. Can you tell me how many Farmhouse packets fits into a single "bulk" order box and what the lowest possible shipping cost will be? This would help me calculate feasibility and present it to my wife. By the way, has Cindylou found any interested store owners in Hawaii to stock your products? It was nice to email with her. She mentioned that you live in Paradise...and I told her that I was already biased with a love for Hawaii.

Take care and God bless you.

Mark T. Obatake
Waipahu, Hawaii

I bought your recent issue yesterday and am enjoying reading through it. The two-part concept is great — no need to bother with separate catalogs. Are there still any copies of the first issue available? I thought about ordering your sampler pack, but I wouldn't need the current (March/April) issue of the magazine.

How would you address the needs of those who admire your lifestyle but are phycially unable to follow it themselves? That is one of the drawbacks I find with most "back to nature," "simple living," etc., publications. I would love to be able to have a small garden or even chickens (for eggs only) or goats (for milk and cheese), but I am not physically able. Yet, all the books and magazines emphasize these aspects of this lifestyle and seem to ignore those of us with the desire but not the ability. I'm rambling and repeating myself.

Keep up the good work,
Kathy Davenport

Yesterday I purchased the Backcountry Food Issue, and so far in just the overnite hours I have had a wonderful time just reading and looking at everything. This morning I am taking my copy to my "gal pal" get together, we are meeting to sew and celebrate a birthday and I want to share my copy with each of them. I would love to be able to get the first issue, please tell me if I may purchase directly from you as our bookstore does not have it. Also are subscriptions available yet, or is that too soon. Thank you, this magazine looks like a keeper!


Dear MaryJane,

I just picked up a copy of your magazine yesterday at Borders Books and can I say? I just LOVED every bit of it!! I just ordered up $68 worth of stuff, including the Tarte Tain sampler, and am anxious to try your products. I will be telling all my friends about you and am looking forward to all the future magazines!

Your article about the sewer who also did upholstery struck a cord with me as I too began an at home upholstery business just so I could stay home with my children, my business grew to doing boat interiors, then airplane interiors and I also do period piece furniture using horsehair, tacks etc . just like they did 200 years ago. My new venture is now upholstering 1911 Model T Fords.......and another passion is making homemade soap. I have been doing that since before my son was born and he is 24, so your magazine is right up my alley!

Good luck to you!
Lisa Bengtson


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