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August, 2010

Dear MaryJane ...

I just cannot get over how wonderful it is to be able to read MaryJane’s magazines! If I need recipes, they are there; if I need crafting inspiration, it’s in there; cleaning ideas; decorating ideas; gifts; articles to make you laugh and to make you cry! Honestly, I keep going back and looking at the older magazines and finding treasures I missed before. I have quit purchasing any other magazines since this is an all-in-one deal—it is even helping me save money!


Becky's milk glass collectionMilk glass pedestalBecky's milk glass pedestals
I had to write to let you know how much I enjoyed your “Collecting Milk Glass” article and ideas. I have been collecting milk glass for 3 years. I use it as my everyday dishes and to decorate my home. I had several odd pieces and your ideas inspired me to make pedestal plates with them. Here are some pictures of my projects and collection.

Thank you for your wonderful magazine, I love it so much I joined the Farmgirl Sisterhood today.

Becky Jane


I just had to write to you about how “Keeping In Touch” became vividly real for me recently. I was thrilled to receive comments from two old friends via my MaryJanesFarm blog [Shery is our “Ranch Farmgirl” blogger]. Sometimes, with the passing years, you lose people dear to you. When I heard from Debbie and Terry via my blog comment section, my heart soared! Both friends are farmgirls at heart, and when we reconnected, it was as if only days, instead of years, had passed. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making a little miracle happen in my life. My farmgirl friends are close to my heart again and just an e-mail away.


Krystal's salad tableThe first time I saw MaryJanesFarm at my local Meijer store, I bought it and fell in love. I subscribed immediately. That was last spring, and from that first issue, I learned something valuable, turning myself into a bona fide farmgirl (on a small scale). It was the issue with the salad table in it. I immediately made one and started getting homegrown goodies not long after. Thanks for the inspiration and information! LOVE the magazine!



I just had to write and thank you for the Simple Solutions in every issue of MaryJanesFarm. As a young wife and mother, I submitted to the lure of household chemicals with their sweet promises to clean swiftly and easily. Now that I’ve grown older and wiser, and both my husband’s and my health issues require cleaner, healthier living, I am a green-cleaning advocate. As soon as I read the recipe for dishwashing powder made of equal parts Borax and soda, with white vinegar for the rinse, I had to try it. Not only is it a pleasant-scent relief from harsh chemicals, it did a better job of cleaning! It even removed the hard-water stains from the inside of my dishwasher. From cover to cover, MaryJanesFarm is by far the most useful magazine in my home.


I recently filled out a form for your free magazine with no obligations attached. When I received the magazine, it took all my effort to not read it before my soon-to-be trip. The front cover was continually calling me—I love making handmade cards, and there was an article about making cards from scratch. This was one of the best magazines I have read in the longest time. I loved all of it! I read it from cover to cover as soon as I was on the plane. I will definitely tell my farmer friends about this magazine—I just subscribed for 2 years!


What I love about MaryJanesFarm:

  1. The “environmentalism” is a common-sense, practical kind.
  2. The recipes are simple and don’t contain foods I can’t find.
  3. It’s not “uncool” to be me on the message boards.
  4. Even if I don’t agree with something that is printed, I don’t feel like the idea was forced on me.
  5. I learned how to sew French seams and make tasty homemade crackers that even my husband liked!
  6. I’ve learned about new products, such as Propex for discouraging weeds in our garden. Also, I’m going to check out the organic meat that can be delivered to my door.
  7. I’ve expanded my reading with introductions to new ideas and authors.
  8. The one thing I don’t like is that it will take me the rest of my life to put to use all the wonderful creativity that MaryJanesFarm has inspired!



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