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October, 2010

Dear MaryJane ...

Sweater Girl's Teal TrailerYour magazine is always full of wonderful, creative ideas. In fact, an issue last year featuring the Sisters on the Fly inspired the creation of a mobile knitting school business. We are the first and only knitting school and knitting supply shop that travels around in a 1955 Terry trailer! We use your magazine as a source for classes and look forward to every issue.

Thanks a bunch!

New Mexico

The map of the U.S. quilt/wall hanging in the [June/July 2010] issue is the greatest! I finally got all of my supplies gathered together, coffee-stained the fabric, got a map enlarged, traced it onto my fabric, and started embroidering yesterday. I have already done 11 states. We get to move around a lot because of my husband’s job, so my philosophy is, “Bloom where you are planted!” I plan to incorporate that into our quilt, as well as marking each place we have either lived or visited. This quilt will travel with us on each new adventure and will be updated accordingly. Such a great idea—thank you for sharing it with us!

Faithful Reader Becky
South Carolina

I just want to say how your magazine and the dear, sweet chatroom have changed my life. The women on the chatroom have restored my faith, lifted me up, laughed and cried with me, and most of all, shared their lives with me. My cup runneth over ... Thank you, MaryJane!

Michigan (Farmgirl Sister #525)

I just received your August/September issue and sat down to enjoy a good read. When I came to the article entitled “From a Faraway Land,” I knew I just had to help build a bookstore for the small island of Rota. Being a retired middle-school teacher, I know how important a bookstore/library can be to students unable to buy their own books. I was greatly impressed with Aimee’s desire to teach the adults of her island as well as its children. I e-mailed the article to my friends, teachers and ex-teachers all. I suggested that those still working in the classrooms have their students collect books for Rota.


The Georgia Farmgirls chapter is undertaking a very special project to help build a bookstore on the island of Rota. We presented the farmgirl challenge at our July meeting. Within 24 hours, we had over 100 children’s books and we’re expecting more in the upcoming week. We are working on getting our story out into the community so that we can do amazing things for the people of Rota. Learn more about the bookstore project on our website,

Mary Ann

Update from Rota: Aimee reports,

“We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support by farmgirls from all over. Since the MaryJanesFarm article came out, we have been flooded with contacts and pledges for our Two Sisters Bookstore. The arrival of each message causes us to stop and wonder at the power and love that is being poured out on our precious little island.”

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