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Salad for reunion

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Printed on: May 25 2018


Topic author: bboopster
Subject: Salad for reunion
Posted on: Aug 19 2007 07:53:58 AM

Good morning,
I am looking for a recipe for a salad that would have corn, black beans and pasta in it or any other salad or dish to pass that does not really need any cooking or can be made ahead of time. Not a mayo based as this is for for a family reunion weekend. Any one have a favorite one they would like to share.

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Reply author: DaisyFarm
Replied on: Aug 19 2007 08:43:41 AM

I'm doing a dinner today for my dd's birthday. I'm making a Greek pasta salad that everyone seems to love. I use a small rotini pasta, well-drained and chilled. I add the usual Greek salad ingredients (red/green peppers, olives, red onion, cukes & tomatoes) and feta and then use a greek salad dressing. It's always a hit, it goes far and you could put all the ingredients together and add the dressing at serving time if need be.

Reply author: MagnoliaWhisper
Replied on: Aug 19 2007 08:58:15 AM

All my favorites have mayo, but let me give you a tip, as I take them to all day things in the park too!

If you remember back in Little House on the Prairie days, those braided rugs made with strips of material? Usually in a round of oval shape. Well, Silver Dollar City a amusement park in Branson Mo, sells "baskets" made this same way, from the same kinds of materials as the old rugs were made out of. They fit 8x8/9x9 inch dishes, and then another size that fits the usual 9x13 dish. I have them in both sizes, they even have built in handles. I have found they work great for insulating, either hot or cold dishes. I get those silicone refreezable squashy blue ice things for salads, and put them all along the bottom inside the basket then the salad (with mayo) on top of the ice! I also keep the salads in a pyrex dish with a lid, the lid kind of helps keep it cold as well. For hot dishes, I get those heat packs you warm in the microwave and do the same thing in the basket. However, for cold things, I freeze a whole lot of those blue ice things, and keep a lot in the ice chest too at the picnic, every few hours I get out "new" ones and replace the ones in the basket, as they stay REAL frozen in the ice chest! But, they will stay frozen under the salad (or also I do this with fruit based pies!) for at least 3 to 4 hours on a hot sunny day. So if I switch then out about 3 to 4 times during the day and replace with fresh frozen ones from the ice chest, if keeps great!

However, I do wonder how I can manufature something. I have a really good idea for a picnic helper just for these kinds of salads! But, I wish I knew how to make them! I have the idea in my head of what I want the product to be though! *sigh*

Reply author: bboopster
Replied on: Aug 19 2007 1:22:17 PM

The Greek Salad sounds wonderful. Any other suggestions Farmgirls? I love the mayo salads but remember from other years everyone brings one and I thought a new non-mayo would be great. We are going to the weekend reunion by antique motorcycle and my cousin and her husband are bringing up a trailer so they offered to bring our stuff too. Thank goodness for their help. We are going to use milk jugs frozen with water for the traveling and first day as week can not leave until Friday afternoon.

3 Blue Star Mother and Proud of it!
Pray for our troops to come home safe and soon.
Enjoying the road to the simple life :>)

Reply author: KYgurlsrbest
Replied on: Aug 20 2007 07:58:54 AM

I have one that has corn, black beans, red onion, green and red bell pepper, and jalapeno's. If I remember correctly, it's made with either a vinagrette or sugar/vinegar, cumin combo.

Either way, it's yummy and feeds multitudes.

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